Monday, August 18, 2014

Video: Spirit Leaving Car Accident Victim's Body?

Another video has taken the paranormal social media scene by storm.  The video allegedly shows First Responders working the scene of a horrific head-on collision.  As a news commentator makes note of the lack of information to the extent of the injuries suffered, a shadowy figure can be seen ascending from the red vehicle, raising its arms, and shooting up towards the heavens.  The overwhelming consensus on so many of Facebook's notorious paranormal groups is that this is either the soul of the deceased leaving the body....or perhaps something supernatural coming to collect that soul.  Watch the video below:

Did you see it?

This horrific accident took place in late April of 2012 near Brattleboro, VT.  32 year old Dustin North was driving his black Audi with a passenger.  Before the crash, witnesses had reported seeing North swerving back and forth at high speeds along Route 30.  Richard Kenyon (58), was heading in the opposite direction when he swerved into the opposite lane to avoid North's car, which was in the wrong lane at the time.  North swerved back into the correct lane and hit Kenyon's red Jetta head on.  The accident happened north of Grafton Village Cheese, near the I-91 overpass.

Fortunately, North and his passenger walked away with only minor injuries.  Richard Kenyon also walked away with only minor injuries.  However, his passenger, 65 year old Joseph Chagnon, had to be cut out of the vehicle and airlifted to UMass Medical Center with a host of severe injuries.  He spent four days in ICU in critical condition, suffering from a broken back, broken ribs, a broken clavicle, broken neck, broken leg, and internal bleeding from lacerations of the liver and kidney.  Fortunately, Chagnon survived and was released from the hospital to continue his healing at home.  The following November, North was sentenced to 3.5 to 7 years prison for the accident.  At the time, he had been under the influence of pain killers, Xanax, and methadone. no one died from this accident.  Does that mean the video is necessarily a fake?  Perhaps it was a Guardian Angel or spirit guide, watching over and keeping all four men involved in the crash relatively safe.  I'd like to believe I'm sure many others would like, as well.

But...that is not the case with this video.  If the cartoonish appearance of the apparition didn't alert you to its lack of authenticity, then perhaps this video will convince you.  This is the original video footage; notably absent is the black apparition:

Man Sentenced For Causing Near-Fatal Crash While High on Prescription Drugs, by Susan Smallheer.  From Vermont Today (November 15, 2012)

Brattleboro News Youtube Channel, Info from the Brattleboro Informer


  1. Yeah even I have seen the video and seems like the soul departing but this shouldn’t get our focus away from how this accident was caused. My cousin who works with a DUI lawyer was telling me that govt must pay attention to create more awareness among people for drugged and drunk driving to reduce fatalities.

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