Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

I'm sure a lot of you have seen those websites that list really creepy things that little kids have said to their parents, babysitters, and other adults.  Some of the disturbing statements seem to suggest an imaginary friend that might not be so imaginary...and some of the statements seem to suggest evidence of the child remembering a past life.

My own son, Luke, is almost 5 years old.  Since he learned to talk, he's definitely said some strange things...but things that seem to suggest that perhaps he could see ghosts.  Not once did he ever say anything that was exceptionally creepy, and he certainly didn't say anything that would make me think he was reincarnated. That changed a few days ago!

Luke and I were driving home one evening, and like most kids his age, he LOVES to talk and discuss anything and everything he can think of.  We were almost home when he started talking about being a big boy.  Being a "big boy" has been a big deal for Luke lately.  He just started wearing underwear FULL TIME (no more pull-ups!) and will be starting preschool soon. He was chatting away about things he could do now that he couldn't do when he was a little baby when he asked me very bluntly if he was old enough to drive yet.

I laughed and told him that no, he had a few years to wait before he'd be old enough to drive.  In his sweet little voice he then asked me if I would teach him to drive.  (This might have been brought on by the fact that his older cousin just got his driver's license.)  I replied that of course I'd teach him to drive, and that I would teach him many things over the next few years.  He seemed content with that answer, but a few seconds later is when the conversation turned weird.

From the backseat came a tentative, soft little, "Mom?"

Me: "Yes, babe?"

Luke:  "Remember a long time ago when I was big enough to drive and I drived your car? I drived fast!"

Me: "You drove mommy's car?! No way!"

Luke: "Yeah! You got mad, but I drived it and then car crash.  BOOM! Big crash.  Mommy, you cried and cried.  I crash and was dead."

By this time we were pulling into the driveway and good thing, because I was shaking like a leaf.  I firmly told him that he hadn't died; he was right here in the car with me and we were both fine.  He hasn't mentioned it again, and neither have I.  I know its probably nothing significant; just the ramblings of a 4 year old boy with a very active imagination who watches a lot of stuff on television that he probably shouldn't, but it really shook me up.  From now on, I'll be paying especially close attention anything out of the ordinary he says...

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