Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Night Funny--For the Ladies!

Ladies, this Friday Night Funny is for you!

It's funny because its true!  Several years ago, I happened to have an EMF meter in my purse when going through security at the Cabell County Courthouse (doing research for a case, ironically).  I had to explain to a perplexed guard what the hell it was and why I had it with me, which I honestly didn't have an answer for.  It just happened to get stuck in there after an investigation.

In fact, at any give time, I have several pieces of paranormal investigation equipment stuffed in my purse.  Oh, and batteries.  Lots and lots of batteries.  So, what about the rest of you paranormal chicks?  Is your purse or bag weighed down with investigation equipment on a regular basis?  Have you ever had to explain to someone why your recorder, temperature gauge, EMF meter, etc. is just as, if not more, important than carrying your wallet or favorite lipstick?

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