Friday, December 20, 2013

Jumpin' Gene Simmons: Haunted House

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far and to celebrate that joy that this time of year brings, I wanted to share with you a long overdue Friday Night Funny.  But, instead of taking inspiration from one of the many winter holidays and traditions, I thought I'd kick back with a Halloween favorite!  

The catchy lil' tune heard below is Haunted House.  Released in 1964, this particular version was made famous by Jumpin' Gene Simmons.  According to Simmons' 2006 obituary:    

"Simmons had learned Haunted House from another Memphis musician, Domingo Samudio, who had an international hit as Sam the Sham & he Pharoahs with Wooly Bully in 1965.  Haunted House fitted an early 1960s fashion for monster songs, such as Monster Mash, and reached the Top 20 in August 1964.  But Simmons failed to find another song with as much novelty appeal and it remained a one-hit wonder.  Several years later, the record inspired Gene Klein to choose Simmons as his stage name in glitter-rock band Kiss, though this compliment was a mixed blessing as Kiss's subsequent notoriety frequently led to Jumpin' Gene Simmons being described as "not the Kiss one.""

I wanted to share this particular song because not only is it really cute and pretty amusing, it actually shares a very important message...a message that as a paranormal investigator, I try to instill into my clients.  That message is basically to not be afraid; don't let your paranormal problems take over your life or make you think you have to leave your own home.  This realm is for the living, and sometimes it takes a little extra determination and empowerment to coexist peacefully, lol.  Take a stand and don't let anyone, dead or alive, bully you out of what is rightfully yours.  Although...if someone appears in your kitchen and eats your raw meat out of your hand, I would completely understand wanting to leave, hehehe.

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