Friday, July 26, 2013

Personal Experience at Mt. Vernon Baptist

Photo by T. McCallister, 2005
I've always seen weird things and things that no one else around me sees.  I've accepted that fact, made peace with it (even though I still question my sanity daily), and truly, it doesn't really bother me that much.  Still, there are times when something happens that catches me completely off-guard because its so unexpected.  This is one of those times!  Although a very minor experience, I felt that it needed documenting!


I have a really bad habit of occasionally craving a chicken soft taco and nachos late at night.  In order to get my fix,  I'll go through the drive-thru of the Teays Valley Taco Bell.  Sometimes I stop and eat in the adjoining parking lot, but other times I take the short drive down Mt. Vernon Road and sit in the parking lot of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.  That's what I did on this particular evening.

As I sat in the well-lit parking lot, facing the church, I munched my nachos and gazed up at the older section of the building.  For some reason, I got to thinking about the congregation's first black members, George and Milly, who had to attend services from the hayloft.  When the newer church was built, several seats were set aside in their honor.  As I was contemplating what it would have been like for them during this time before the Civil War, I noticed movement coming from my right side.  I looked over and saw a very dense, black outline of a taller man coming toward my car.  

My first thought was that someone from the church or nearby houses was coming to ask me to move along.  I turned my head to get a closer look, and as the figure came up to my passenger side window, instead of knocking on it like I assumed he would, the figure vanished.  Instinctively, I hit the LOCK button, and then frantically flopped around in my seat, trying to determine where the figure had gone.  I looked all around to see if I had just seen a shadow from a distance of someone walking nearby, but I came up empty.

Although I convinced myself that my eyes were just playing tricks on me, I became very uneasy and compelled to leave...which I did.  And even though this seems like a mild incident that can easily be written off as NOT paranormal in nature, there's something that bothers me about this experience that I can't put my finger on yet.  Oh, and the fact that this isn't the first time I've seen a similar figure on this church's property!

My first experience with a shadowy being that disappeared actually took place in the church's graveyard, located just right across the street from where I was parked.  In that incident, I was geocaching and was approached by a figure walking among the darkness.  To read about THAT experience, and a little history on this location, please see the link below:

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