Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top Ten YouTube Picks for August

I'm a paranormal researcher and investigator.  In other words, I'm broke, lol.  This is an expensive lifestyle, and one that doesn't really pay off monetarily.  I can appreciate a good freebie, so that's why I enjoy sharing with YOU some totally FREE resources whenever I can.  Several months ago, I posted a list of free Kindle downloads on a variety of paranormal nonfiction topics.  This month, I'd like to shake things up a bit with some totally free documentaries that can be found in their entirety on YouTube.  Enjoy!


1. Vampire Secrets--This History Channel special looks at the legends surrounding the vampire mythos, and even discusses the modern vampire subculture.  If your only exposure to Michelle Belanger has been through Paranormal State, you're in for a shock, lol.

2. In Search of History: The Real Dracula--there are a few similarities to the Vampire Secrets documentary, but this one concentrates more on the historical basis for Bram Stoker's most famous character.

Aliens & UFOs

3. Fastwalkers--Fastwalkers is the NORAD code word for what we know as UFOs.  This documentary on UFOs opens with a monologue from Stan Friedman, so you know its gotta have at least a "little" credibility, lol.  I admittedly haven't watched the entire documentary, but if you can overlook some cheesy formatting and CGI, there does appear to be a good solid base of UFOlogy history.

4. Decoding the Past:  UFOs in the Bible--This History Channel documentary talks about well known events as found in the Bible...but explores the possibility that aliens/UFOs actually played a part in these events.


5. To the Ends of the Earth--This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen, lmao.  A dude sits out in the snowy forest, playing his drum set.  In between "sets" he shares his own stories and well known BigFoot facts.

6. American Paranormal:  BigFoot--This is a National Geographic documentary on the Sasquatch phenomenon.

Ghosts  (My Favorite!)

7. Ghost Adventures--This is the SyFy special that sparked the popular Travel Show, Ghost Adventures. If by chance you missed it, here it is in its entirety.

8. Ghosts on the Underground--London's subway system is haunted; very, very haunted, lol.

9. World's Scariest Ghosts Caught on Tape--this is a Halloween staple.  Its been around for awhile, but is still a really fun look at paranormal "evidence."

10. The Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught on Tape--definitely some interesting cases, although I know of several just off the top of my head that have been "debunked," lol.

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