Friday, October 20, 2017

It was...Awiens

Awww....this isn't a Friday Night Funny; its a Friday Night 'omg that is too adorable for words.'  Hehehe, there are several different versions of this meme floating around the web, and aside from being adorable, it IS funny. Anyone who has ever watched the show Ancient Aliens, or anyone who has ever had an inkling of interest in UFOlogy for that matter, knows the man who made this all possible: Giorgio Tsoukalos. Giorgio's penchant for conveniently using the excuse of 'aliens' to explain unsolved mysteries, and his wild mane that seems to get higher ever season has made him quite the internet sensation, both in and out of the paranormal field. I've included a comparison shot just in case you aren't familiar with him, lol. Stay spooky...and silly! Also, if you're itching for more cute kitty paranormal memes, check out my blog, Ghost Story

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