Friday, November 11, 2011

Funny Group Names

As sort of a companion piece to a blog I'm writing on choosing a name for your paranormal investigation group, I decided that this week's Friday Night Funny should focus on hilarious, and sometimes facetious, acronyms for various paranormal investigation groups.  Please note that this piece is neither meant to condemn, nor to condone any group mentioned--I know very little about them aside from the fact that when I typed in dirty words plus "paranormal' into a search engine, they popped up.  This is just for fun, and not an attempt to discredit anyone.  And yes, one or two of these actually are spoofs, lol.  Please enjoy!

1. Our first group is a lovely group of women who investigate paranormal claims.  In fact, they aren't just women; they're all mothers!  So what do a group of mothers who investigate call themselves?  Well, the Paranormal Moms Society seems like a good choice!  P.M.S., as they are better known, however, has the GREATEST slogan ever recorded for a paranormal group:  "Ghosts don't mess with P.M.S.!"

2. Our second group may sound like they are all women, but alas, they are not.  The Northeastern Indiana Paranormal Society must deal with a lot of chilly weather up north where they conduct most of their investigation.  Hopefully, NIPS are able to stay nice and warm.

3. This next group really knows how to dominate their field and show a ghost who's boss.  The Winter Haven Investigators of the Paranormal Society, or WHIPS, is always ready for some chain-rattling  fun!

4. However, an associate of that last group, Paranormal Investigations Made Possible...or as we like to call them, P.I.M.P., knows that ghosting' ain't easy!

5. And then we come to this next group...oh, what can we say about Southern Appalachian Paranormal Society?  Those poor, poor S.A.P.S.

6. Phoenix Paranormal Investigation Team out of Arizona is our next group.  Known as P.P.I.T. for short, the first thing that my brain tries to do when I see their acronym is sound out the word (damn phonics education).  Therefore, I'm reduced to a difficult decision; either sound like I have a stutter, or revert back to a more sophomoric time when I would have no trouble calling someone a "pee pit" and then giggling maniacly at myself.  On a side note, my own group is Huntington Paranormal Investigations and Research, or HPIR.  I cannot stop myself from saying "Hipper" when the opportunity arises, lol.  There IS a very good reason why we generally just shorten in to Huntington Paranormal.

7. Last, but not least, we have a group from across the pond!  The Suffolk Paranormal Investigation Team, or S.P.I.T.  I honestly have nothing else to say.  You can fill in the rest yourself.

Hopefully, you got a chuckle out of that, and if you're in the process of naming or renaming a group, gleamed plenty of inspiration!

Addendum for November 17, 2011:

Several days ago I was informed of another great acronym, from right here in the mountain state!  The Spirit Haunting Investigation Team out of Morgantown even has its own following of loyal S.H.I.T. Heads!

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