Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Review for True West Virginia Ghost Stories

True West Virginia Ghost Stories is a compilation of over 400 tales of ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, and all manner of creepy things from every corner of the Mountain State.  These tales, which have been submitted to the WV Ghosts website over a period of 12+ years, and archived by founder, Jonathan Moore, are now available in print format, or in eBook format for your Kindle. 

This book makes a perfect addition to any library of paranormal literature, especially those concentrating on West Virginia based phenomena.  It is also a great read for anyone with only an armchair interest in the spooky side of things...the stories are told from the point of view of the witnesses, who come from a wide array of religious and cultural backgrounds.  Their tellings make the stories come alive and accessible to those who don't necessarily want to be burdened with a scientific analysis or dissection of the story on a critical level.  In short, the stories represent a good ol' fashioned tradition of story-telling that once flourished in the Appalachians, and is now being diligently recorded for future generations.

Some of the stories are told in-depth, while others only offer a fleeting glimpse, condensed into the size of a paragraph, making this book the perfect format to read a little at a time...and at a length of over 300 pages, that's the best way to enjoy this book.  I personally love the print format because it allows for the stories to be enjoyed on the readers' own terms.  There's nothing I love more when the electricity goes out than to curl up under candlelight with a good ghost story!

For more information on this book, its author, and how/where to purchase it, please see the link below:

WV Ghosts-True West Virginia Ghost Stories

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